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How To Style Your "Stuff"

You know those "pretty little things" around your house? Some are special keepsakes, some impulse buys at Home Goods...but no matter where you got them, they need a place to stay! In HGTV terms, this styling process creates "vignettes". Basically vignettes are groups of things, that's it. This blog post will further that concept and show you how transform your pretty little things into creative, effective vignettes.




  1. love love love how you styled those stacks of books! they look great, i have a few similar coffee table books and nothing to do with them, so i think i will try out those ideas!

    also, loved your video blog! you are so cute!


  2. I see things like this on Pinterest but never knew exactly how to group stuff...mine always look uncoordinated. Awesome tips! Follow my blog if you would.

    *Jessica Lane*
    from iheartIFB!

  3. i love the dog, very cute! great tips, thanks!


  4. Love your blog! I'm a fellow blogger right across the bridge from Fleming Ohio, about 15 minutes from parkersburg. I joined your site :)

  5. Leila DaiutoSeptember 17, 2012

    One of your best posts ever! I got so many great ideas for this. One lesson I learned from my interior decorator is to mix investment pieces (more expensive / you'll have them forever) with inexpensive pieces that you can rotate as your taste changes to keep your budget in check.

  6. Thank you! That's a really good idea too...I agree. You don't want such expensive stuff that you can't live/breathe, but you also don't want cheap stuff that just falls apart all over lol. I agree in mixing price pieces!! Love that.