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I'm obsessed with Pinterest, and I'm guessing/hoping you are too! And since we are bonded by this crazy desire to make holiday snowmen out of hacked Ikea products while simultaneously e-shopping for furniture so modern it hasn't been made yet and creating a "meal list" for the next month based on delicious eats...I present to you, Pinteresting. Enjoy! PS- You can (and should) follow me on Pinterest! Click HERE loves.
Food & Drink
Say "Cheers!" with this delightfully fall cocktail featuring ginger ale, apple cider, and bourbon. I love the apple slice garnish!

This Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake, from the fabulous SkinnyTaste site, is amazing and deceptively healthy. Trust me, we licked our plates clean! Serve with a side of steamed veggies or EVOO, garlic, & parmesan pasta.

Womens' Style
This delicate bow ear cuff is so pretty, so striking...I had to have one! They are super affordable and fun, plus they come in several colors on the Etsy site linked to the picture.
These Nicholas brand suede sandals are available in a lush array of "in" colors. I love how light-as-air they look. They price tag, not loving, but if your money's right...I'd buy one of the neutrals and one of the funsies. Stat!
FitSugar has done it again with this fab, flab-less arms workout. It's only 10 minutes long, so you can literally do this while watching TV or patrolling the tots.
Psst- I also found this Zumba abs video that really hits your obliques! You will feel the burn after trying this...promise.

Childrens' Corner
As a Mom and an obsessive organizer, I like things that are fun for the kids but easy on our furniture. This is both, and I am thankful to the Pinterest Gods that popped this baby on my screen one uneventful night.

How cute are these?! A very easy, cool snack for your kiddies around the holidays. Looks like it's composed of: two mini candy canes, a Milky Way or Snickers mini cut in half, a little Teddy Graham, and then some chocolate icing to stick everything together. Perfect for a Preschool or Kindergarten Christmas party!
Crafts & Holidays
I thought these were kind of funky, but in a good way. Instead of the same ol' holiday decor, mix it up with a little spray paint. You can customize your colors with each room in the house! Brills.

I never intend to be home on Halloween, because of two reasons... 1) I'm out running around with our little ghost and goblin and 2) I don't feel like passing out candy to a (large percentage of) too-old-for-costumes, ungrateful teenagers. So, this is my compassionate compromise!

Interior Design
My dream kitchen! Except would rather have bar stools in place of that burner on the island. The colors are sophisticated and upscale without lacking warmth and hospitality. If- and when- we redo our kitchen, I plan on using this as an inspiration photo.
These tips & tricks for homeowners are incredibly handy, no matter how long you've been in your house.

I have admired this color for a few weeks on Pinterest, before caving and pinning it. Do you ever do that, try to resist pinning something then giving up? Maybe I'm just rebelliant by nature. Not maybe..I am for sure. Anyway, this color is "William Tell Them About OPI" and it's the perfect fall color. Sexay!
For those of you like me who thinks "Ohh, that looks so easy! I could do that," until you "do that" and it's disasterous, here's an illustrated instruction page for that cute Waterfall Braid trend.

I can go all day being normal, but the second I get in bed with the lights out...all I think about are monsters, robbers, murderers, rapists, ghosts.
E-Cards state things I think in my mind but haven't gotten the cohones to say aloud. Lol, pity party of one?


  1. love that OPI color, might get it for my next manicure, its such a popular color for the fall


  2. Absolutely love that bow ear cuff!!

    Xo, Rachel


  3. Lauren- It really is popular! A great (and necessary) addition to the nail polish collection I think lol.

    Rachel- Me too gal!

  4. thanks for your message in IFB
    followed your blog now..
    please follow back! thanks so much

  5. Awesome pinterest round up - needneedneed the earcuff and that OPI colour!!! so beautiful


  6. I love Pinterest also though lately I haven't been pinning much. That kitchen is awesome and the OPI is pretty. Following you there.

  7. Carrie- Thanks! Will do gal.
    Deanne- Seriously! I just ordered both lol.
    Sharon- I hear ya...I was obsessed in the beginning but have eased off (like a crack additction).

  8. Love the interior design on Pintrest and the fashion! :)



  9. im so in love with pinterest too! the waterfall braid looks so cool! I def want to learn how to make it!

  10. I love the bow ear thingie Magig, but couldn't find the link to order one. I miss the east coast traditional ways. Here in the west coast they are not as traditional with holidays and stuff. Yes, the kitchen has functional layout. I could burn in there.

  11. that fall cocktail! ymmy!


  12. Pinterest is way too much fun - I just don't have enough time these days! ;) That grey and white kitchen is gorgeous!


  13. i am totally obsessed with pinterest too! sometimes i catch myself in real life "pinning" things in my brain.. it's embarrassing.

    Fancy {No}Pants

  14. I am a huge Pinterest fan, and I am now following you! Especially like that picture about Facebook. That website makes me feel like I am watching a soap opera most of the time, and then when people don't update about what they were griping about a few hours earlier I feel like I missed an episode or something!

  15. Great posts... now I have a list of new things I want to get ~ thanks a lot! The ear ring and OPI nail polish are on the top of my list. I'm a nail polish freak and really into the new Essie colours lately.