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Organizing Your Pretty, Shiny Things

I was reorganizing my toddler-ransacked jewelry drawer this afternoon thinking, Hhmm what can I blog about next?, when it hit me! Uh duh, jewelry organization. There are so many cute options that it's a shame to hide your beautiful baubles in a drawer...however, we have curious hands in our household as well as a husband that I'm guessing doesn't want to live in a house that screams "I'm girly and this is all my girly shit!" So, here is what I have done out of practicality. Plus, a few better options I curated for ya!
I actually like what I did with my costume rings...they are in a shell, because our room is kind of beach inspired. We lived at the beach during our first few years of marriage, so I hold a soft spot for all things nautical! :) This piece sits on top of a gorgeous silver platter along with a candle and other seashell.

 I can't really stand that I have my bracelets in clear containers in our hallway linen closet; however, I literally have no more room & these clunkers need to breathe. After looking at jewelry organizing inspo online, I think I'm going to move this back into my drawer and hang all my statement necklaces up behind our bedroom door. That way, they aren't so in-yo-face.
Ahh, the dreaded drawer! Although I do love the concept of organizing in satin jewelry trays (and those cute little egg cartons), there's just not enough room. The left half of the necklace rat's nest are pieces too bulky to place into any tray. And the right half? They're all tangled together. There are two sets of each type of tray which I bought all together at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Here's a cheapy idea...reuse your paperish egg cartons! Place your small pieces (i.e. dainty necklaces, earrings) in the dips and your hoop earrings over the humps. Cost ya nothing! Plus, you can easily see all your things and even double up sets if you run out of room.



  1. Love all these ideas! Also, you have so much jewelry...I want it alllll!

    Xo, Rachel


  2. Your jewelries and accessories are so organized! Mine's pretty organized too but not as organized as yours. I just placed hooks on our comfort room and hung the necklaces on it. As for the necklaces, I recycled a wooden cage-like closet from my grandma's old stuffs. :)

    You gave me a wonderful idea to blog about! Thanks :3

  3. Thanks Rachel! And yes, it's a little overwhelming. And Grysh, I'm glad I gave you an idea! That's awesome. I like your ideas, too...might help me organize all my bracelets.

  4. Wow you have a lot of jewelry!!! But your ideas are great- I need a new system myself....

  5. I personally love those earring/necklace trees! they are great and you can find them cheap at Marshall's or Home Goods


  6. I love the shell! I have all of my rings and delicate earrings in our saucers, from our wedding china. It turns out...we never use the china for actually eating, just display purposes ;)