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BrushLab Hair Brushes {Review + Video}


Do you ever have those mornings you just want to wake up and blow-dry your hair instead of sleeping longer or enjoying a cuppa joe? Yeah, me neither. However, I had one of these this morning! I received two greatly anticipated hair brushes from BrushLove.com last night and couldn't wait to try them out. I had high expectations, since these were my first official tester products (meaning I received them for free to review). And let me tell you, I was happy beyond belief! For my Suburb Chic sistas, I share two secrets...1) save 20% on your order from BrushLove.com with coupon code "FALL20" and 2) you get free shipping with your $25 or more order. Hallelujah! The Hair Gods have imparted all their wisdom and wealth onto you. Now go, go and buy; go and buy and tell them I sent you!
Use the flat, oval brush to add shine and polish as well as to detangle. And for the round, ceramic brush? Use to add volume, slight bend or curl, as well as to cut drying time.




  1. is it weird that i only use a comb? hahaa


  2. Thank you for sharing I was looking for a new brush

  3. You're adorable!! Thanks for visiting my blog & following along. Following you back now:)
    xx, amy

  4. I've never tried BrushLab but I just might have to. I have some long and thick hair so a good brush is a must.

    You have a great blog! Following! :)


  5. Hey guys, thanks for all the comments & love for BrushLove (what's more appropriate than that haha). Yes, definitely try these or atleast one brush from their website. If you hate it, blame me!! :)

  6. Great brush video, exciting! I didn't know you were on youtube. I will be sponsoring a collab giveaway maybe you will be interested in participating.