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The Classic Jean Jacket

This American classic has had several comebacks but- most recently- slipped out of the limelight for its edgier, way cooler younger sister...the motorcycle jacket. When I couldn't find my white yoga jacket to wear this morning, I quickly grabbed my old school Gap jean jacket. This sweet puppy is so old, it has my name written on the inside with a permanent marker. I'm pretty sure it's a childrens' size, too. But I love it! It holds memories and still kind of fits, so quit judging!! As I drove to the gym, a jean-ius idea hit me (bahaha)...should I "Put It On" or "Throw It Out"? And tada, this blog post was born! Here's the jean jacket in question; and yes, I took this picture in the bathroom of our YMCA. In the mirror. With no makeup. Remember, I said no judging!

I don't think it's that bad right? It's so comfy, nostalgic, goes with anything...except I also feel like I'm on my way to a Babysitters' Club meeting or late for school at Sweet Valley High. All I need is a scrunchie in my ponytail and some Keds! I'm making it my mission, though, to take this look into 2012. Here are a few options I put together from my own closet...What do you think?


And since you don't live in my house and raid my closet, these are some on the market right now. Notice, most of them are higher-end brands. So they must still be cool. Right? Please tell me I'm right? They're all also styled similarly...jean jacket, white tee, dark or black pants. This is part of the stigma of the jean jacket. You don't have to pair with basics. Add personality, add quirk, add a tutu and a fistful of french fries...what what?!
{LEFT} Jag Jeans from Nordstrom's, $79
{CENTER} Joe's Jeans from Zappos, $225
{RIGHT} Rag & Bone from ShopBop, $253


  1. Definitely keep! I just bought a new one, you're lucky yours is worn in and nice! :)

    Xo, Rachel

  2. I love your jean jacket! I always look for a denim jacket to have a great wash and fit. It has both of those things and the jacket looks great with all those outfits (love AG polka dot pants) Following you on facebook so I can keep up with your posts. Here is my link if you would like to do the same: https://www.facebook.com/LifeAndBows


  3. I say you keep your jacket and buy a new one too! The denim jacket is a classic staple in any girl's closet. I personally have three denim jackets, one which barely fits but I can never get rid of.

    Yamari (@yourgotogal)

  4. Rachel, yay! Where did you find yours?

    Zhanna- Thank you! My Grandma bought it for me...when I was like 12, haha. Will definitely follow you as well!

    Yamari- Me too! lol. One can never have too many.

  5. how funny! I totally have that Gap jacket in black. I will not tell you how old it is, but lets just say more that 10 years. Ha haha, isn't it cool to rediscover pieces?