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What To Wear for...Thanksgiving

My favorite part of the week-long Thanksgiving festivus? Dressing. Not the fancy term for scrumptious stuffing, although that holiday side dish is spectacular; I'm talking about the dressing of myself! And let's be honest, friends...it's all about comfort. I don't care what crazy outfits you see on Pinterest, you and I are not wearing stilettos and sequins to dinner. I'm lucky to wrangle a pair of real pants (not leggings or their comfy cousin, jeggings). And for Black Friday? I'm even luckier if I make it out of the house not looking like a hobo. Here's what to REALLY wear Thanksgiving week. Cute, comfy, and totally Turkey Day appropriate!
Thanksgiving Day
scene: lounging with the fam, boyfriend, dog
wear with: a messy bun + these Pinterest-worthy nails

 Styling Note...I thought UGGs were too sloppy for this look but couldn't find socks! I never wear socks but usually have a few as back-up in my drawer, lol. This ELLE slouchy sweater is so comfy but also chic with the gold sequin detail.

Thanksgiving Dinner
scene: fighting over Nana's green bean casserole
wear with: hair twist half-back + relaxed waves

Styling Note...These Lucky Brand pieces are such standouts, that they really make for a fun, cohesive look. I added my J. Crew bauble necklace and unexpected, colorblocked flats from Jessica Simpson to round out my turkey-eating ensemble.  

Black Friday
scene: dominating deals in aisle 5 with your bestie
pair with: bb cream + brightening concealer

Styling Note...This is perfect for the wee hours and long lines of Black Friday! The Alice + Olivia trapeze sweater hides all the sins you stuffed into your gut from Thanksgiving. Loving it! You don't want to wear a lot of "extras" for such a chaotic, quick-paced morning (i.e. a small, simple, easy to open handbag and basic pair of earrings or a ring is enough adornment).


  1. i love the bubble necklace outfit! nice job with the pictures, they came out great!


  2. Great outfits and I thought it was so cute how you featured an outfit for black friday...too cute!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love this post. Each outfit is perfectly appropriate for it's event. I especially love the black Friday outfit. I love the colors, and it's perfect for looking cute and staying comfortable while shopping.

  4. Thanks guys! :) Glad you all liked so much.

  5. i'm loving the glitter tops... totally in this season and totally comfy... =)

  6. The boots in the final pic are too good! Where are they from?

    xo Carlina

  7. Yes, it great to wear what express your personality. If you casual comfy then be causal comfy! I prefer edgy with a hint of sexy myself!

  8. I just found your blog, and I think this post is terrific! I'm with you on the outfits and I would wear them for the same reasons!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  9. Very cute and comfy outfits! And I love the beauty tips you suggested we can wear with the outfits.

    Yami (@yourgotogal)