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Biggest Fashion Purchase Regrets


There are only two things you need to know for today's post:

1. It's a VIDEO post on Suburb Chic's YouTube channel.

2. Suburb Chic has a YouTube channel.

-     -     -     -     -

Now, comment below on YOUR biggest fashion purchase regrets! Then, comment the exact same thing on the video so I can get the satisfaction of reading it there too. Love yas!


  1. Aww congrats on the 5 years and check out my giveaway post if you get a chance. I'm your newest follower. : )

  2. Thanks for following, LB! Yes, I think I wore Crocs too for a hot minute. Epic fail! :) And thank you for following.

  3. Here's my worst ever item, I still haven't found the perfect outfit for it... http://www.thepolishedmonkey.com/2012/12/do-i-or-dont-i-look-like-hooker.html

    Also, check out my first ever giveaway :) http://www.thepolishedmonkey.com/2013/01/it-works-giveaway-ends-jan-16th.html
    Meg <3

  4. I think my biggest fail would be paper bag waisted pants. cute on others, I just didn't have the right frame for it!

  5. cool post!


  6. I'd have to say this awful shirt dress (and typically I love shirt dresses) that never fit me right, and I have still yet to wear it or take off the tags! Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie

  7. Anything I wore as a kid! Not stylish at all!

  8. OMG I just figured one out today when I went to put on a pair of wide legged slacks so ugly on me and they still had the tags :(

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!



  9. Meg- Thanks for sharing!

    Skylette- For sure! I feel like fashion fails are often trends that aren't right for our bodies but that we try to wear anyway.

    Glam Girl, Julie, Elle, and Eelsay- Thank you guys for commenting. Much appreciation!

  10. LOVE!

    Mine is that I buy things that are in at the time but are too small thinking I will lose weight. A year later they are still in my closet, with tags on and no one wants them because they out outdated.

  11. Biggest Fashion i don't think so. this is not a latest fashion but you can say that its completely out dated fashion.
    Devon and Jones