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Cosmopolitan + Hello Style Channel's Swag Bag

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you saw that I won a bountiful bag full of beauty swag from one of my favorite magazines (and SiriusXM channels), Cosmopolitan. Basically, I won it through a Google+ Hangout with two of my favorite Cosmo Radio hosts, Taylor and Sean, as well as a few other special panelists in the industry. I honestly was expecting maybe eight to ten products, as it was stated I'd receive "up to $150 in beauty products". However, I was pleasantly surprised when a huge box arrived at my door from Hearst, Inc. in glorious New York City. There were 30- count it- 30 products with over half being high-end! I ran around the house doing crazy victory dance moves and singing "Merry Christmas to me, yeah yeah oh my."
Since I received this awesome opportunity, I thought I would blog about the products for you all. I've been playing with them for about two weeks now, and I'm ready to share the swag.Thank you again to Cosmopolitan and Hello Style for such a fun gift! Here is the picture I posted on Instagram, and below that I have written little quick reviews with each "type" of product (i.e. hair, lips, hands, etc).
Out of these three products, the only one that I thought was anything special was the Redken Argan Oil. It has an added sheen complex to it, unlike about 99% of hair oils, so that was nice. The John Frieda Shine Spray is pretty average, though I am a little biased (I am devoted to TIGI S Factor's Flat Iron Spray). Lastly, the Klorane Mango Hair Oil was kind of weird. The smell was blatantly mango, which is a less favorable smell- IMO- than that of the Argan Oils. Also, I don't feel like it hydrated or softened my hair whatsoever.

I haven't tried any of these face products before, so I was pumped! Melania's Caviar Complex Moisturizer was confusing, as it had no instructions or box or ingredients list. I have a feeling it had been tested already and that's why, but whatevs. It had a nice smell and felt moisturizing on my skin, but I failed to see why it called itself "Luxe". Must keep using for another month to really investigate, lol. Umm, and how gorgeous are these Pacifica Shimmer Multiples? They spread easily on the skin, look and feel luminous, and give your face a beautiful, back-from-the-beach glow! Love. Next, the Jurlique Multi-Use Love Balm. I've heard good things about this body balm, so was instantly intrigued. I used on my lips, eyelids, cold-stricken nose, etc. and it worked! Soft, not sticky. Lastly, I don't really need a matte oil-free moisturizer to add to my collection but this one from Merle Norman is nice. Nothing amazing for me; I will probably gift it to someone.

First off, the Physicians Formula Shimmer Palette is even prettier in person! I've read about its glowing reviews on various beauty blogs, but didn't really feel the need for it...well, I was wrong. It's fabulous! The colors are pretty light and don't pack a lot of pigment; however, it's perfect for creating a beautiful everyday eye. I used it with the It Cosmetics Double-Ended Brush above (which was nice, but I felt the bristles were a little too firm for my lids). On to the mascaras! Yuck, both were bummers for me. The Flirt! Mascara was freaky looking and confusing to use, and the Almay I-Color Mascara was in Sapphire Blue...not my thing, not my color. Will gift those!

I was happy at the results of using all of the above products! The Caldrea hand cream smells divine...I kept catching myself breathing it in at the gym as each hand went back-and-forth with the handles on the elliptical. Lol! Moonessence's Organic Cleanser and Soap were both hits...although the cleanser says it's for "redness", which I don't have, it is so fresh smelling and effective! Love its cooling properties as well as the soap's. Lastly, The Body Shop's Bath Crystals smelled nice and gave me a super-soaking spa in my own bathroom. Wouldn't have bought it for myself but was a nice surprise!

Wasn't too thrilled with any of these nail polish picks, though I have been wearing the Zoya one (it's like a creamy, winter white). It's a better option for those who like the white nail look but not how stark it can appear on the fingies. Deborah Lippmann's Base Coat was okay, but I am partial to my Butter London Base...tough to beat that stuff. I will be gifting the Nicole by OPI polish, because it's a little too little-girl pink for me.

Lotsa lips here! From top, the Revlon Bitten Balm/Stain is surprisingly moisturizing for a stain; however, the color is quite shocking. I looked like a clown a little bit when I put it on. Plus, it starts to fade in the center of the lips quite quickly. That shiny, jewel-looking gloss is from Josie Maran. It's so pretty, and usually I love all the things she comes up with; however, this gloss was nothing special. You could get the same pay-off from a dollar gloss. Ohh, now that gorgeous MAC Cream Sheen Lipstick! Ahhh, it's in the color "Lickable", and I'd totally let someone lick it off my face if I didn't love it so much. It's beautiful, and it's also my first MAC product so I'm quite elated. Adding this to my "useable bright lipstick" collection, haha. Now, on the bottom are two peachy, almost orange lip glosses. Neither of those are my color so I will be gifting. They almost look like dupes for one another, don't they? Ohh, I also received a few Sally Hansen Spring 2013 lip care products...one is an invisible lip liner (pumped to try, since I broke my Too Faced one the second time I used it), the other a lip "primer". Yay!
Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought about them, love or hate! xo, Brittany <3


  1. I use the whole line of redken all soft products, they are amazing!!! My hair has never been this soft and healthy for a really long time!!

  2. So cool, Congrats. Klorane products are AMAZING!!!


  3. omg super jealous you won all this stuff!


  4. I have used Redken hair products but they never seem to work on my hair! I think it's cause my hair is such a catastrophe though :(
    Loving that MAC lip colour, so gorgeously vibrant <33

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  5. Congrads! What a great way to try several new beauty products

  6. thanks for share...

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