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I'm Back!

Hey all! I know I know, I've been gone for far too long and I apologize...however, it really was needed. My little hiatus really allowed me to re-evaluate Suburb Chic as well as do a lot of "spring cleaning" of my own mind and environment. Does anyone else do this? I literally took a month off of the daily grind and bs to go on adventures (New York City anyone?!) and really expose myself to some new things. It was extremely rejuvenating, and now I am back with a renewed fervor for this whole fashion thang.
Suburb Chic from the get-go was my way to bring a voice to those who love the new, the trending, the undiscovered even though they live in Suburbia where many of these things are not offered. It's about being chic in your own way on the daily...not feeling like you had to fit into the "California cool", the "New York sophisticate", or even the "Small Town super casual" that we all feel molded into depending on our location.
I hope you all are as excited as I am for this new chapter in Suburb Chic! I'm making it a goal to myself and my followers to blog more (perhaps not daily but as often as possible) as well as to provide new, exciting how-to's and videos. Here are a few things you can look forward to on your favorite small-town stylista site...
*The addition of "The Weekly Chic", which will be a weekly run-down of what I find interesting or noteworthy for the week. This will probably take place on Friday(s)!
*My "Monthly Musties" will be back in video form, since I received lots of positivity regarding my YouTube spin-off. I also plan to turn these picks into a massive monthly giveaway! Whatever I am loving that month will become a giveaway in which one lucky lady will receive most- if not all- of the items. It's like a Pop Sugar box or super-sized Birchbox, but FREE!
*More short posts on home decorating, fitness, and parenting as these are all topics I want to cover and expand on with Suburb Chic. The Suburb Chic girl isn't a one-sided story; she loves design and new recipes, she craves timely health advice and witty quips of Mommyhood mishaps. She's the Everywoman.
*I also feel there needs to be a creative voice inserted into the blogosphere. New music, poetry and points of inspiration to start your day, etc. I want to bring a "coolness" to all things creative and feel Suburb Chic is the perfect outlet for that endeavor!
Thank you all for sticking with me during the break! I am excited as ever to blog and learn more about y'all. And for when there isn't a new post up, look for me on Twitter and Instagram. Those are the social media outlets I frequent the most! :) xo


  1. Welcome Back!


  2. Yay! Glad to have you back! :)