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Feeling Special...

The hallway to our local YMCA "Child Watch" center is always decorated with papers and projects the full-time preschool children accomplish. We always give them a quick glance while walking by to drop of our kids; however, today's adornments caught my eye. I stopped in my treadmill-bound tracks.

How cute right? "What Makes Me Special". My personal favorite was the one about "Being Daddy's Princess". What a wonderful feeling for that little girl to feel so special because of how her Daddy must treat her. Even the simple ones warmed my heart and made me think...we are all special, and we all should think that way. If little children feel they are special for having a cool t-shirt or a scruffy dog that they love, can't adults do the same? The exercise alone would be an incredible self-esteem booster.
So, I want to know: What Makes YOU Special? Post below! It can be absolutely anything, no judgement and no "awesomeness" too small or weird or crazy or common. I hope this exercise brings just a little bit of joy to your day! xo, Brittany


  1. I Am special Because my little boy loves to tell me he loves me and gives me lots of kisses.

  2. You know I would probably say I'm daddy's little princess as well.