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The Weekly Chic (4/19)

What better time to start my weekly list of "chicosity" than the weekend of my birthday! Except that all birthdays after my 21st have given me anxiety attacks as well as wrinkles so...there's that. Anyway, here is what has been aesthetically pleasing to my ears, eyes, hands, and heart this week!

1 // Scalloped Everything
They're feminine, shapely, preppy, and simply scallop-tacular! I love these sophistcated versions, and I'm totally in the market for a pair of scalloped shorts. Or two.
2 // Coachella Fashion
How can I not mention the bohemian chic collective that is Coachella? Although the flower headband, lace crop, shorty short denim look is more than a little obvious of a take going to a hippie-type haunt...I still love it. I still want to stack colored bracelets with my concert wristband and give the peace sign to onlookers. I just do.
3 // New Music
I haven't been this active on the iTunes charts since high school! Maybe because I just now got an iPhone which makes it useful to download music for workouts, roadtrips, late night ice cream binges. I'm putting these on repeat:

Tove Lo- "Habits"
Imagine Dragons- "Tip Toe" & "Bleeding Out"
Selena Gomez- "Come & Get It"
We The Kings "Just Keep Breathing"
4 // Bloggers who aren't afraid of color
These girls are after my own heart for their fearlessness in the forays of colors and prints. 
Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes
Mckenna from Mckenna Bleu
5 // Threshold for Target
This collaboration for the famous red bullseye has been killing it for awhile now, but I just got around to documenting my love for it! Haha. Threshold is like the perfect mix of classics, even a hint of "vintage appeal" remixed in a modern way. Peep the huge helping of perfection here: http://www.target.com/c/threshold-brand-shop/-/N-56clv#?lnk=|&intc=951254|null.
6 // Wolf Kahn book & artistry
I only recently discovered Kahn by chance, browsing through art and photography books on a recent outing...his landscapes are beyond gorgeous, and his choice of color palettes are of a similar spectrum (if he even remains on a spectrum). He expands over- what I consider- several types of painting from American Impressionism to the vibe of a Modern Abstract artist. Here is a list of all the books on his works, though the only one I have purchased is written by Justin Spring... http://www.wolfkahn.com/publications.
7 // YouTubers that make me smile
There are only a handful of YouTubers that I pretend to know in real-life, and these are them. They are cute, quirky, loveable, and fun...just what I aspire to when I grow up!
Leigh Ann of Leighannsays
Melissa of Melmphs
Grace of DailyGrace

8 // This Video... http://realbeautysketches.dove.us/
It's part of the Dove Real Women Sketched campaign. Although it's long, I promise it is worth it to watch! Really speaks to how differently (and more harshly) women look at themselves in comparison to others. 


  1. You know what's kind of funny? I saw your picture and I thought- you know I have never actually had one of those! HAHA hungry in the morning! We watch some of the same YouTubers- I'm kind of obsessed with YouTube though :-/

  2. Thanks for the new tunes, totally downloaded Selena Gomez and We the Kings! And I absolutely love Melmphs, her accent...eek!!!!

  3. Grace is Hilarious lol


  4. I'm such a sucker for Threshold items at Target, they nail it everytime!!